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No matter what your cutting needs are, we're here to help - anytime, anywhere.

Waterjet Cutting

Our people have the technical know-how to carry out the most cost effective solution to your problem. Flow International® waterjets offer precise cutting with superior edge quality and faster cut times. 2-Axis waterjet capability allows for intricate cuts with consistent accuracy. Our waterjet operates at a typical kerf width of 0.01" and provides accurate cutting of shapes up to +/- 0.005" tolerances.


We work with all kinds of materials, and we realize that every job and every customer's need is different and we are committed to meeting those needs. Our machine shop is well equipped to meet your needs, whether it be metal spinning, grinding, or welding.

Graphic Design

Forward thinking during the design stage of fabrication usually results in lower manufacturing costs later on. This is especially true for the parts cut with a precision waterjet. Fabrication time, assembly time, fixturing and weld time can all be saved.

We design using AutoCAD. However we are also fluent in other programs and are able to work with most drawing file formats (dwg, dxf, iges etc...) regardless if it is a PC or Mac based CAD file.