Welcome to Our Shop. We specialize in Precision Waterjet Cutting. Check out our services, and get in.

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No matter what your cutting needs are, we are here to help - anytime, anywhere.

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Water Jet Cutting

Our people have the technical know-how to carry out the most cost effective solution to your problem. Our Flow International® waterjet machine offers precise cutting with superior edge quality and faster cut times.

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We work with all kinds of materials, and we realize that every job and every customer's need is different and we are committed to meeting those needs. Our machine shop is well equipped to meet your needs.

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Forward thinking during the design stage of fabrication usually results in lower manufacturing costs later on. This is especially true for the parts cut using waterjet. Our designers will work with you to minimize overall cost.

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We take pride in turning your ideas into reality.

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Providing excellence in manufacturing and service is in our DNA.

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About Us

Lucky Waterjet Cutting has been servicing customers in all industries for over six years. We are dedicated to mastering the art of abrasive waterjet cutting and providing our customers with quality cutting and top notch service.

We have the ability to cut your project to your precise requirements with a quick turnaround time. Our experience ranges from small projects to large volume runs.

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Why Choose Us

Cut and supply any material in any quantity

We can cut a wide variety of materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, industrial metals, composites, glass - even marble or granite.

High Quality Finish

Our Waterjet machines leave a smooth, sandblasted finish. This means no more rough edges, unwanted burrs or jagged ends.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Waterjet system uses only water and garnet to cut. Since garnet is an inert gemstone, which can be disposed of in the municipal waste stream, no toxic fumes are produced during cutting.

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